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Care Management


We have many options to choose from for the care of your horse while being boarded. If you don't see a service listed please don't hesitate to call and inquire.

Turn Out Care


Summer - $70  



Winter - $70


This package is for horses that need those few extras for their turnout. This package can be purchased either monthly or yearly.


Summer: Fly spraying, fly masks put on/taken off, fly sheets on/off, bell boot on/off.

Winter: Blankets on/off, bell boots on/off, hooves picked of ice/snowballs.

Premier Grooming


Clipping: $15 ​

Grooming: $15 ​

Bathing: $35

The Grooming Package consists of three options.
Clipping, Grooming, and Bathing.


The Clipping Option includes clipping the muzzle, bridle path, eye whiskers, fetlocks, and ears (unshelled unless specified).
Add $5 for a Show Face Clip. ($10 for Show Face Clip Only)

The Grooming Option consists of curry, brushing, mane/tail detangling, hoof picking (thrush remedy if needed), and coating of hoof oil. 

The Bathing Option consists of a shampooing of the body, mane, and tail, conditioning of the mane and tail, and coating of hoof oil. 

Vet and Farrier Management


Yearly: $360
Monthly: $32

The V & F Management Package consist of farm staff making appointments with your horse’s vet and farrier for vaccinations, dental work, trimming/shoeing, as well as emergencies. It also means that your horse will be handled for each of these occasions. Payment options for this package are yearly or monthly.


*Please Note* 
Those who do not sign up for this package option, but need their horse handled for the vet or farrier, will be charged a $50 handling fee no matter the circumstance. In the case of a vet emergency, the horse Owner will be called a minimum of three times before vet is called.  

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