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About Us

Hickory Lane Farms holds a cherished history shaped by the passions of its dedicated owners. Once a llama farm under the guardianship of the Patterson Family, who dedicated 45+ years of their lives to the llama industry and received a distinguished service award from the National Pedigreed Livestock Council for their commitment to these unique and tranquil animals.

As the years pressed on, in 1972 fate had a new chapter in mind for this idyllic property. The farm transitioned to the care of the Zekan Family, esteemed breeders of Polish Arabians. With their passion and expertise, a new era began, as these stately Arabians took center stage on the hallowed grounds of Hickory Lane Farms. The quiet landscape came alive with the commanding presence of these horses, exuding strength and grace in every stride.

Over time, Hickory Lane Farms witnessed yet another chapter of growth, as the Petrarca family acquired the reins in 2000. The farm was transformed it into a thriving Arabian horse farm, raising and breeding these majestic equines. They expanded the farm, creating ample space and resources to accommodate up to 50+ beautiful Arabian horses. However, as times changed and the equestrian industry evolved, the Petrarca family recognized the need to adapt. They shifted their focus towards offering boarding services, transforming the farm into a full-service establishment providing top quality care and facilities for horses and their owners. Hickory Lane Farms continues to serve as a cherished venue for horse enthusiasts, offering a safe, nurturing environment for horses while maintaining the Petrarca family's passion for equestrianism.

Today, Hickory Lane Farms stands as a testament to the enduring passion that flows through the veins of all those connected to the equestrian world. It embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and progress. Hickory Lane Farms continues to be a sanctuary where horses thrive, and their owners find solace, and an unwavering connection to the equestrian spirit.

Our Mission


Farm Manager

Growing up on a small family farm with cows, chickens, pigs and Tennessee Walkers a love and devotion to farming and animals began. After serving time in the military and studies at The University of Akron he went to work for The Chapel in Akron Ohio running Camp Carl’s recreation program including managing its 24 horse stall barn. In 2002 he came to join Hickory Lane Farms as a stall cleaner then was promoted to Farm Manager in 2004. In the past 16 years now at Hickory Lane Farms my family has grown with my wife Rebecca to a family of five with our children Ethan, Emma and Ewan.

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